Smartphone Website Check

Smart Mobile Emulator

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Device dimensions: 360 x 640 px


Add the bookmarklet to your favorites and you can open your website with one click in Smartphone Webseite Checker.

Smartphone Website Check


Please note that smartphone website check is just a emulation. The final look of your website depends on used smartphone and used browser.

What is Smartphone Website Check?

You want to quickly check a website, whether it is readable in a Smartphone?
You want to quickly check a website if the responsive design works?
You want to have a common view for customers, programmers and designers?

In this case Smartphone Website Check is right for you:

A practical emulator, which allows you to quickly check the look and feel of a website in a smartphone.

Instead of the simple display of a website in an iframe or shrinking the browser window Smartphone Websitecheck provides some advantages:

  • Automatic forwarding to a mobile URL, if this is done via the user-agent
  • Display of the site, even if output is suppressed in iframe via X-Frame-options
  • Automatically adjust the width of the phone if using the viewport meta-tag

In addition, the Smartphone Website Checker offers a history.back()-function (found on the button -button)

What is Smartphone Website Check not?

It is not a full replacement for a true smartphone or iPhone.
If you explicitly set in a smartphone from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Google, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Asus etc the look of your website To verify, please use the appropriate phone (i.e. Nexus, Galaxy, iPhone, ...) for verification.

  • Screen size and resolutions are different from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product, therefore the text width can vary in your smartphone.
  • There are different browser for Android, iOs and Windows, which have slightly different displays.

Known limitations

  • Fonts: generally only embedded fonts can be shown, which are located in a cdn
  • Links: generally links in frames and iframes can not be used
  • forms: the submitting of forms is deactivated
  • the one or other site with heavy use of JavaScript, external sources etc can cause javascript errors or display problems
    This can especially relate to community sites, newspapers, search engines, ...
  • special mobile events such as touch or orientation events are not supported